Acquisition of nationality after divorce
Acquisition of nationality after divorce

The most difficult thing in obtaining nationality after divorce is to prove the other party’s reasons. The key is to prepare well-prepared documents proving the rupture of the marriage relationship.

1. Application for Naturalization Permit: Fill out all the information and attach a photo.

2. Statement of reason for the suspension of the marriage relationship

-How you met your Korean spouse (where and how, whether the wedding was held in Korea)

-How to enter Korea (when and how)

-Current place of residence (whether or not you live with your spouse)

-Living means and future plans (spouse and own job, etc.)

-Whether or not to exchange with the Korean spouse’s family

-Reasons for suspension or breakdown of marriage (explain why illegal immigrants became illegal)

3. Original and copy of foreign passport

4. Original and copy of alien registration card

5. Original and copy of ID card from abroad (in China, resident ID card, original copy and copy of the family register)

6. Marriage relationship certificate with Korean ex-spouse with divorce information (detail)

1. If the marriage relationship is interrupted (divorce or separation), submit one or more of the following:

-Judgment, divorce mediation decision

-A decision not to prosecute by the prosecution after suing the assault of a Korean spouse

-Medical certificate (with the description of the spouse’s assault), pictures of wounds, etc.

-Korean spouse’s runaway report, etc.

-Confirmation of relatives or nearby acquaintances (The cause of the marriage relationship must be described in detail, a relative within 4 villages of the Korean spouse or a confirmation written by the head of the residence at the time the marriage relationship was terminated, etc.)

-Documents corresponding to each of the above items, such as a confirmation of marriage failure prepared by an authorized women’s organization

2. When raising children

(1) Mandatory submission: Basic certificate of child, certificate of family relationship, certificate of marriage relationship of applicant (in detail)

(2) Certificates such as judgment that you are raising or should be raising children

Choose one of the following

  1. Original documents of financial property (deposits, installments, securities, etc.) of 30 million won or more 
  2. Original real estate registration certificate or lease contract with a publicly announced land of 30 million won or more
  3. Original certificate of employment (attach copy of business registration card) or original certificate of employment plan (attach copy of business registration card)
  4. Other documents recognized by the Minister of Justice as applicable to 1-3.

1. Written test

  1. Select the date you want from the comprehensive evaluation schedule for naturalization of the Social Integration Program (KIIP) and take the test.
  2. You must take the test within one year from the date of application for naturalization permission, and you will be given up to three times.
  3. If you pass only the comprehensive assessment for naturalization without completing the social integration program curriculum (step 5), then an interview is required
  4. After completing the social integration program curriculum (step 5) and passing the comprehensive evaluation for naturalization, the interview screening is exempted.

2. Interview

Take the test at the date and time designated by the immigration office. A total of 2 application sessions are granted

Exemption if there is no departure from the country after submitting a criminal record abroad, or if there is no fact of staying abroad for more than 6 months after departure

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